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5 Male Enlargement Tools, 2 for Penis Stretching and 3 Jelq or Penis Devices that work to move tissue and cells, adding length and girth.

Our Tools: The World's Number 1 Penis Enlargement Tool Kit Seller**
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Five of our Amazing Penis Tools are Detailed Below 
          Bigger Size.Less Time.Jelq Tools.

               Everyone loves our Tools!**

**JETI is the World's Number 1 selling Penis Enlargement tools according to Vendio with a eBay 100% satisfaction rating.

5 Male Enlargement Tools: 2 for Penis Stretching PLUS 3 Jelq or Penis Devices

Penis Enlargement Tools For Male Enhancement 3 to 4 Times faster than any other method

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Jelqing with Penis tools can stop premature ejaculation Step by Step program:

Step ONE:

Prepare the
Penis Cells
for Transport
Penis Pills only increase circulation, not help penis size 

Backed by    Science

penis stretching is a good way of increasing penis size Revolutionary

Jelq Tools increases Penis Size without Penis PillsOur Tools isolate each section of the Penis

Jelqing with Penis tools can stop premature ejaculation
Step by Step program:

  bigger penis.jpg
All areas are worked with this tool to prepare cells for transport

click here for penis size  Step Two:

Transport cells upward from Side chambers of the Penis

penis enlargment.jpg

Only the Side Chambers are worked by this tool

penis pumps
Step  3:

Transport cells from underside chamber

premature ejaculation.jpg
This tool only works the Underside


penis size
Step  4:

Stretch your Suspensory Ligaments

  penis size 
Step 5:

Stretch your Side Ligaments!

You are now far ahead of anyone using any other method!!!

We even include
free penis exercise Jelqing instructions!

Questions? Email us!

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What have you to lose?
Money back guarentee if not satisfied within 45 days of purchase- see FAQ page for more info.

penis pills Money Back   




Patent Pending Designs

Achieves results faster than any method
by far

We even include free penis exercise Jelqing instructions!

Questions? Email us!


The World's Only Jelqing*** System Designed for Penis Enlargement

  (***Jelqing is an ancient method of penis exercise routines designed specifically for the purpose of penis enlargement

Our Five Jelq Tools saves you time with a system that targets each chamber of the penis and enhances them individually. 
 After working the sides, underside, and a using preparation tool, two of the Jelq Tools complete the workout with two kinds of penis stretching tools. Can also be use as Penis Weight stretching device.  

Jelq tools
produces Bigger Penis Size results 3 to 4 times faster than any method.

We guarentee 1" permanent growth the first 4-6 weeks, no questions asked. Keep training, and you will add much more.
The revolutionary Jelq Tools are the most effective method for a bigger penis available anywhere. Jelq tools has developed the technologies that exploits what the body is doing to increase penis length and penis girth.  

 Literally years in development by independent designers,  with final production design by  engineering professionals,  we offer five patent pending penis enlargment tools for less than the price of one penis tool you see at other jelqing or penis size web sites (see below for competitor’s comparison).

How it works
Step One:
The  Corpus Cell-Multiplier Penis Tool   

The first step in using your Jelq Tools is to prepare  the tissue cells of the penis to be transported out from the chambers they reside in.

I<>Penis Picturest’s design allows you to use both hands while its angled grooves, smoothed for comfort,  allow you to apply just the right pressure to get really deep into the all three chambers.

It actually feels good to use, you will feel it working the first time you try it. Like manual Jelqing you want a partial erection while performing this exercise to open the channels for transport. The two rods are used together,  gripped by your thumbs and fingers, palms down.  Your Penis is squeezed between the rods, and while pulling up, the rods literally cause the spongy cells to exit their membrane and join with others. You do not roll it. All chambers can be reached by this Jelq tool. Click here: See Tools Use and Pictures

 The cells are now prepped for the next penis tool or Penis weight device for transport to the tip, where they will settle, steadily getting you a bigger penis.

 Close up of angled grooves

This patent pending jelq device will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis width, as not all split cells will move, but will regrow extra cells near their original location. Bigger Penis size is assured. Remember, we happily guarantee our products will work.

There is no other male enhancement tool on the market that prepares the cells for transport. Detailed instructions are included on the various bigger penis exercises that reach the sides, front and back of your penis.

Click here: See Tools Use and Pictures

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Step Two:  - "Sides Transporter" Penis Tool


The Penis Sides Transporter  is extremely effective  in moving the split cells upward, but is designed to isolate only the sides of the penis,  not the front or underside of the penis.  It’s ergonomically designed to enable the use of both hands, and is curved to tightly wrap around the penis’ shaft, and it’s surgical tubing maximizes comfort.

Designed to rest against your stomach, you use both hands to pull (one hand squeezing the long black tips of the tool, the other squeezing the handles) upward.

You will see and feel it working the first time you try it.

Click here:
See Tools Use and Pictures

Like manual Jelqing you want a partial erection while performing this penis exercise to open the channels for Cell transport. This penis enlargement will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis thickness as not all split cells will move upward , but will regrow new ones near their original location. 

Detailed instructions  are included on the various male enhancement exercises that reach the sides of the penis.

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Step 3:
"Underside Transporter" Penis Tool

Penis size increases can help with premature ejaculation


The Underside Transporter uses leverage (force) on the front to enable cell movement of the underside of the penis. The other male enhancement tool just like this on the market that sells for over $100.00! Penis size increase is felt immediately as you use this tool.

Not only is Jelq Tools Corpus Cell Underside Transporter an improved version of the number one selling jelq penis enlargement tool, but, in accordance with our Mission Statement, its yours for less than $20.00 when you buy our complete male enhancement tool kit.

It's very easy to use, and is most effective with slow movements that trap the penis cell’s movement between the rollers as they are moved upwards towards the top of the penis. You can feel it working as it moves the lower cells up towards the tip. Remember, we guarantee you a big increase in penis size, or you will receive a complete refund.

This jelq device will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis width to the underside, as not all split cells will move upward, but will regrow new cells near their original location.

The front of the penis does not contain any spongy tissue, so no penis girth or penis thickness gain will be made here. The roller placed on the front is used as leverage to put pressure on the underside.

Click here:
See Tools Use and Pictures 

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Step 4:

The Super Stretcher Penis Tool


Penis pills are not a true Penis enlargment solution

Now, instead of moving cells, our penis stretching devices get you a bigger penis. They don't add penis girth but we've seen 3/4 inch to 2 inch gains in making a bigger penis

The Super Penis Stretcher will get you at least an extra inch of penis size or more. Your genetics will be a big factor here, as flexibility of ligaments varies greatly from person to person. 

We are proud of its design, and we have a patent pending. It comes with various sizes of foam rubber inserts you optionally add to accommodate any penis size, penis length or penis width.

For comfort, we include high quality leather for additional protection.

Attach the included rope and, while laying down,  loop an end of it around one or both of your feet to get a very powerful penis stretching movement. This device can also used as Penis Weight device, attached to the rope, but you will find your own muscle power supplies much more control and leverage.

size increase is quarenteed by JETI for this and all our products.

The number one selling penis stretching jelq device on the market is  the "Penis Extender". It sells for over $200 !!

But, in accordance with our Mission Statement, (more results for less price),  our Super Penis Stretcher is much more effective, and it's yours for around $20.00 when you buy the kit.

The Penis Extender is limited by its built in mechanical power for penis stretching, while our Super Penis Stretcher's use of your legs gives you more power for penis stretching than you will ever need, and the option of Penis weight is always there.

Click here: See Tools Use and Pictures

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Step 5: The Side Stretcher Penis Tool   NEW PRODUCT!

Experts in Jelqing know you have to stretch the penis sideways not just downward. You need to stretch the side ligaments that support the penis to stretch the penis completely.

Introducing the world's first tool to accomplish this, our SideStretcher allows you to work the penis sideways, across your body. Its long bars rest against your hips and you push outwardly on the bars with your penis stretching with it.  It is also a awesome jelq tool, push it downward with a partial erection, it is amazing!

What's more, you get a great Jelq (pushing  of cells and tissues towards the tip of the penis) while you do it. When pushing straight down, as shown, it is a highly effective stretch and jelq simultaneously.
We are proud that we solved this aspect of penis stretching, and it works great.

With the Kit it costs around $20.00 or you can buy it individ-

Click here: See Tools Use and Pictures

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The Best Value on the Market - LOW Price, Great Shipping Prices, after Sales Consultation


You'll love its value, you get Five Tools for price of one tool found elsewhere. Full competitive analysis on our FAQ page.

Many of our clients have said our advice after the sale is worth the cost of the penis tools and then some. We are here for you 11 hours a day 7 days a week. We have had years of success -and plenty of mistakes- and experience so we know what it takes, and what to avoid.


 We include free Jelqing instructions with our Tools!

Why would we include no tool instructions? Because as any body

builder knows, variety of the exercise is vitally important. So, you should supplement the tools use with some manuel jelqing.



  Your success in getting a bigger penis size is our success too. We all know to maximize results, adding varied exercise programs to each body part is vital. This applies to penis exercises just as well.

You also will receive hands only  penis exercise instructions (free Jelqing instructions). Manual male enhancement techniques will add the variety you need as a supplement to the tools.

Are you ready to order now? Click here

(Don't worry we ship in plain box from Terra Nova not Jelqtools)

Additional Competitor Comparison ? SEE FAQ PAGE 

Click here: See Tools Use and Pictures

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*Proper Jelqing penis exercise -except for dangerous and expensive penis surgery- is the only proven method for you to get a bigger penis. The problem is it takes TIME, months or years.  To get results 3 or 4 times faster then this, Jelq Tools is the solution.

We are not just saying this- We have never had a single return due to ineffectiveness. That's why we have an iron clad  refund policy:

So long as you put in a good faith effort,  we  guarantee a 1 inch or more giving you a bigger penis the first month to six weeks if you follow the instructions.

We won't BS you, it takes time and effort, at least 20 minutes a day.

Generally, this first inch happens the fastest.
After three months, your penis enlargment should have a 1.5 to 2 inches larger penis and about half again as thick a penis from when you started. And,  we have found it is three to four times faster than manual Jelqing. (Jelqing is the ancient practice of using your hands to exercise your penis to make it longer and thicker)    
So, the first three tools easily add a guaranteed FAST inch, and the Penis Stretching tools give you an inch more of penis enlargement. How much more of a bigger penis than this is up to you, and it is very likely that you will increase these numbers.  


Our forum shows lots of customer input such as:

 August 7, 2014 2:08 AM (forum name "Barrett")

"I have used the tools for three months now and feel very proficient with them. the best ones for me is the side transport tool and the side stretch tool. I think by now I could use some more stretch power, and may add weights to the super stretch tool instead of leg power. I have gained 2 and one half inches but that is HUGE for me since I have (had) a very small penis to start with. I have basically almost doubled my erect size, and one and 1/5 inch to my flaccid state. It has been a long road to get there but worth every effort. Bob and Bill at JETI have been fantasitic answering my questions. Thanks for everything!"

Here is our favorite:

September 3, 2012 9:52 PM (forum name "Horatio")

My girl and I have been together for 2 years. I bought your tools about 5 months ago, and also bought the side penis stretcher when that came out. The other night we were lovemaking and twice she had to put her hands on my hip to stop me from going deeper.
This has never happened before, and man it was amazing to see a reaction like that. I have got 2 inches plus in growth and its been worth every minute of exercise. Thanks for a great product!