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Jelq Enlargement Tools International

Where Miracles Happen

Penis Enlargement Tools For Male Enhancement 3 to 4 Times faster than any other method

premature ejaculation and Jelqing: better control        penis enlargment using Jelqtools is faster than Jelqing
                        Before JelqTools                                             ......and After!

These are actual unretouched before/after photos of one of our users: 2.50 inches of growth, and double the girth.


Use the Cell Multiplier to prepare the penis cells and tissues
for transport by the other penis tools- this picture shows the under-
side being prepared.

male enhancement using penis tools not penis pills

This picture shows the sides being prepared for the other
tools, you move from the base to the tip. Always use this
Tool first!

Close up photo of the Cell Multiplier. It's angled groves are per-
fectly aligned to reach deep into the membranes of the side
and underneath chambers. They are just smooth enough to
avoid discomfort, but hard enough to do the job.

This picture shows the UnderSide Transporter at work.
You move from base to tip then use the SideTranspor-
ter to work the side chambers. Finish with the Super-

bigger penis size through side chamber jelq tool

This shows the great Side Transporter at work.
You could never get as deep or move as much
tissue with your hands or with any other tool on
the market today.

Note how the Side Stretcher is placed against
the hip while pushing with the other hand.
Experts in Jelqing know you must stretch
the penis' side ligaments to get maximum
size. We are the first company to design
a tool just for this!

To do the other side, simply reverse the 
process by putting the bar on other hip.
You can also use it as a Jelq Tool, do any other angle,s straight
down or straight up! With a partial erection this Penis Stretcher becomes a Jelq Tool!! 

The SuperStretcher uses your own leg power for a powerful stretch. Here you see the rope wrapped around the foot, giving you more power than you will ever need. You can also use it as a Penis weight Device  if you prefer.
This tool stretches the suspensory ligaments, unlike the Super Side Stretcher (shown on this page) which works the side ligaments. We know our Stretchers are more effective than other brands that cost almost 10 times as much!

Also for our click here: video tutorial for a visual lesson on the tools.

More pictures coming soon!